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Welcome to the Vancouver Lake Watershed Partnership

Quick Links to Frequently Requested Info: 

Partnership Meeting Dates and Locations

Monitoring of public beaches - Clark County Public Health

Partnership Planning Process and Recommendations Report - December 2013

Technical Foundation for Future Management of Vancouver Lake

In the News: Vancouver Lake Cleanup 2011 - View Video

Vancouver Lake - CVTV Clark County Close Up

U.S. Geological Survey & Partnership Project - The overall objective of this study is to develop a water balance and nutrient budget for Vancouver Lake to better understand the amount and sources of nutrients affecting water quality.

View flow data, maps and other information here.

Why was thePartnership created?

As a vital regional resource, Vancouver Lake fulfills a variety of functions, including wildlife habitat; flood control; wetlands, surface water and ground water hydrology; boating, bird watching, hiking, hunting and more.

Government agencies share interest, involvement and authority over those many and diverse lake functions, which have been shaped by years of public interests, from farming in the 1800s to the present as a regional metropolitan treasure.

The Vancouver Lake Watershed Partnership is the result of efforts by the Port of Vancouver, City of Vancouver Department of Public Works, Vancouver-Clark Parks and Recreation, Clark County Department of Public Works and the Fruit Valley Neighborhood Association in 2004 to bring federal, state and local public agencies with interest and jurisdiction over Vancouver Lake and its watershed, together with citizen stakeholders. We invite you to stay informed and stay involved as we explore issues and strategies for the future of Vancouver Lake.

Partnership's Unrestrained Vision for Vancouver Lake:

Vancouver Lake is valued as a regional community treasure and environmental resource. It supports healthy, diverse native plant and animal communities and offers a wide variety of recreational uses. The Lake is fishable and swimmable, acclaimed for its high water quality. It thrives amid economically vibrant neighboring development. Contributing watersheds are actively and holistically managed. A watershed council provides ongoing collaborative oversight and accountability.   

Partnership's Values: The Refined Vision should:

  • Meet the community’s needs for recreation and development today without compromising the environmental, social and economic needs of future generations (sustainability)

  • Have the commitment and support of a range of stakeholders, including decision makers, public, and agencies, by reflecting their needs and values

  • Provide for the use and enjoyment of the public through activities -  including boating, swimming, fishing, hunting and bird watching - that are based on and are compatible with the natural resources of the watershed 

  • Provide for the Lake to meet water quality standards and habitat that supports diverse populations of native fish, wildlife and plant communities 

  • Allow for environmental and recreational interests that complement economic development to support a flourishing and prosperous community.

  • Be based on best available science and be logistically and physically (implementable)

  • Be fundable and fiscally responsible 

  • Provide a structure for a long-term partnership that can foster ongoing consensus on oversight and implementation, and provide clear accountability to the broader community