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Next Vancouver Lake Watershed Partnership Meeting:

4-5:30 p.m., Tuesday, Jan. 27, 2015 at Port of Vancouver Administrative Offices, 3103 NW Lower River Rd, Vancouver, Washington



4:00 - Welcome/Agenda Review/Public Comment

4:15 - Recap of 2014 group decisions regarding future lake management and intro to proposal from Lower Columbia Estuary Partnership (LCEP)

4:15 - Briefing by LCEP on its organization and the proposal

4:45 - Group discussion

5:10 Decisions/Next Steps

5:30 Close of meeting




For additional background information about Vancouver Lake and the Partnership, please see the main page at www.vancouverlakepartnership.org or the Maps and Materials page for reports.


Please note:

Resources from the April 2014 meeting: Forming a Lake District - Resources: Lake Management Districts/Special Districts and Lake Management District Formation Guidelines-Thurston County



Next Steering Group Meeting:  

The Steering Group typically meets at Port of Vancouver Administrative Offices, 3103 NW Lower River Road, Vancouver.


Steering Group and Partnership Meeting Summaries: Summaries of the Steering Group and Partnership meetings are posted below after they've been received as draft and later when approved. Note: To view presentations and/or reports from past Partnership meetings, please visit Maps & Materials.




Wish to attend our meetings?

Vancouver Lake Watershed Partnership meetings are open to the public to attend. Due to limited available meeting time for public comment, written input is preferred. Written comments may be submitted at the meeting or sent by e-mail to the Partnership and public information staff.


Coming Events:

Please check our Partnership member websites on the Links page for ways you can get involved in helping to improve watersheds in our area.



Technical Foundation for Future Management of Vancouver Lake - May 2011


Summaries of  Steering Group Meetings


Summaries of past meetings of the full Partnership:

Tech Group Meeting Summary

Note: Please see Maps & Materials for additional Technical Group information.

Question Bin


Question Bin List 

Updated Oct. 19, 2007 - See description, below.


Partnership's Question Bin

Description: Ongoing list of questions for possible future consideration, Updated May 15, 2005


Technical Advisory Committee: Question Categories (PDF)


Technical Advisory Committee: Grouping of the Question Bin (PDF) 


Technical Advisory Committee: Question Trends (PDF)