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Public Health Testing 

For 2007, Clark County Public Health began monitoring water at Vancouver Lake the week of May 21, 2007, and continues to do so at regular intervals to test for the presence of E. coli and toxic algae, with the goal of ensuring safe and healthy recreation for those who swim or play in the lake. View information about monitoring and sampling results here.


Please note: News releases regarding closure of the lake are also posted on the News page of this web site.


Partnership Reports

Work Plan


Technical Group Reports:

Technical Group Summaries of Past Meetings: 


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Studies by or on Behalf of the Partnership:

  • U.S. Geological Survey & Partnership Project: The overall objective of this study is to develop a water balance and nutrient budget for Vancouver Lake to better understand the amount and sources of nutrients affecting water quality.

    View flow data, maps and other information here.

U.S. EPA Studies


Summary Presentation of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's activities at Vancouver Lake


EPA prepared a Preliminary Assessment in June 2008 in response to a citizen's petition from the Rosemere Neighborhood Association. Based on the conclusions of the Preliminary Assessment, a site inspection, including field sampling, was recommended. EPA has conducted sediment sampling at Vancouver Lake and has determined that no further remedial action is warranted for this site. 


Other Presentations 


Note: The following background information relating to the Vancouver Lake Watershed has been presented to the Partnership in past regular meetings. The information provided and opinions and views expressed in the presentations above do not necessarily represent the Vancouver Lake Watershed Partnership, nor has the Partnership made any determination as to the accuracy of the content. Please note: Adobe Acrobat Reader required for PDF format.

  • Clark Public Utilities Presentation - December 16, 2009 (Please note: Presentation is provided in three parts due to size of files)

Other reference sources:


Information, opinions and views expressed in all of the following sources have been made available as reference sources, but do not necessarily represent those of the Vancouver Lake Watershed Partnership. Further, the Partnership has made no determination as to the accuracy of the content. Please note: Adobe Acrobat Reader required for PDF format.


Port of Vancouver Flushing Channel Project

In December 2006, the Port of Vancouver completed dredging of the flushing channel that connects Vancouver Lake and the Columbia River. A flushing channel flow monitoring study, which includes continuous measurements of water flow through the flushing channel culverts and water level measurements in the channel and Vancouver Lake, was initiated in October 2006 and is ongoing. The following information is the result of this project. Additional materials will be posted here as the project progresses. Contact: Craig Heimbucher, Environmental Specialist, Port of Vancouver, 693-3611. 

Port of Vancouver Sediment Sampling Results

The Port of Vancouver proposes to dredge approximately 2 million cubic yards of sediment from the Columbia River in the area south of the flushing channel between river miles 101 and 102. The dredging will support a vessel approach and turning basin adjacent to a new marine terminal. Sediment sampling was conducted to evaluate sediment quality and physical conditions, and 52 sediment cores were collected, composited and analyzed for chemical and conventional parameters. Results of the analyses show that all of the results are below the Dredge Material Evaluation Framework, Model Toxics Control Act and other relevant screening levels. A draft Sediment Characterization Report (Parametrix - January 2007) was submitted to the US Army Corps of Engineers and will be posted to the Partnership web site once finalized. Contact: Patty Boyden, Director of Environmental Services, Port of Vancouver, 992-1103.