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The following background information relating to the Vancouver Lake Watershed has been presented to the Partnership in past regular meetings. The information provided and opinions and views expressed in the presentations above do not necessarily represent the Vancouver Lake Watershed Partnership, nor has the Partnership made any determination as to the accuracy of the content. 

Note: Presentations are listed in order of most recent. Adobe Acrobat Reader required for PDF format.

Project Planning Process - U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Presentation - 02/15/06  (PDF)

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Presentation - 07/20/2005  (PDF - File size: 1.75MB)

Developing Our Future - Port of Vancouver Presentation - 06/15/2005 (PDF - File size: 2.65MB)

Vancouver-Clark Parks and Recreation Presentation - 05/20/2005 (PDF - File size: 1.24MB)

Vancouver Lake Sailing Club Presentation - 05/20/2005 (PDF - File size: 1MB)

Vancouver Lake Watershed - Water Utility Issues - 05/20/2005 (PDF - File size: 2.45MB)

Contaminants in Fish Tissue from Vancouver Lake 04/20/2005  (PDF -146KB) 

Vancouver Lake Habitat 04/20/2005 ({PDF - File Size: 2.25MB)

Columbia River Flows 04/20/2005 (HTML PowerPoint - File size: 3.11MB) 

Vancouver Lake/Burnt Bridge Creek Watershed Plant Community - 04/20/2005  (PDF - Large file)

Community Perspectives on the Vancouver Lake Watershed -03/16/2005 (PDF 217.85 KB)

Salmon Creek and Lakeshore - Vancouver Lake and Lake River Watersheds - 03/16/05  (HTML PowerPoint)

Burnt Bridge Creek Watershed   02/16/2005 (HTML PowerPoint - Large file.)

Water Quality Monitoring in Vancouver Lake   02/16/2005 (HTML PowerPoint)

Related Lake Vancouver Chronological Graphic - 01/19/2005 (PDF)

Lake Vancouver Chronological Studies - 01/19/2005  (PDF)

Flushing Channel Analysis - 01/19/2005 (PDF)

Other reference sources:


Information, opinions and views expressed in all of the following sources have been made available as reference sources, but do not necessarily represent those of the Vancouver Lake Watershed Partnership. Further, the Partnership has made no determination as to the accuracy of the content.


Bibliography of reports related to Vancouver Lake Watershed, compiled and annotated by Lenora Oftedahl, StreamNet Librarian, Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission, Portland, Oregon.  (Web Site Link)


North American Lake Management Society (Web Site Link)


Burnt Bridge Creek Storm & Surface Water Utility Historic Summary, 1978-1997, Update March 1998, Clark County Department of Public Works  (PDF)


U.S. Army Corps of Engineers - Peoria Riverfront Development, Illiniois (Ecosystem Restoration) - Feasibility Study  (PDF - File Size 711 KB)